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At the heart of Essence of L Medi Spa is owner, Leah Loynes. The award winning spa’s high standards in effectiveness, cleanliness, products, and individualized customer service stem from her, and are evident in every initial consultation, treatment, and interaction. Read on to find out more about us.


About Us: The Beginning

Essence of L began out of Leah’s desire for information and answers after over 15 years of struggling through the pain of cystic acne. Throughout all the products, treatments, appointments, and dollars spent, Leah refused to believe that the ineffective ‘expert’ and ‘professional’ products and services she spent her money on was all that was out there. 

Leah focused her time into studying medical skin care in depth, accessing all relevant training in her field, and keeping herself informed with the latest industry research. She graduated as a Certified Medical Esthetician from renowned Blanche Macdonald Centre with honours and continued her extended medical education and training in:

• Skin Tite™ II Sciton BBL
• BBL Photo Facials
• Forever Young BBL
• Forever Bare BBL Laser Hair Removal
• Thermo Coagulation from Dectro International


We Do the Research So You Don’t Have To

Leah understands the emotional and physical toll severe acne can have on a person. The industry is full of miracle products and procedures that promise to cure all your skincare woes. Unfortunately little regulation goes into the actual effectiveness of these products, and clients end up shelling out endless amounts of money only to suffer further disappointment. 

The same can be said for beauty and cosmetic enhancement procedures and products. Drug stores line their shelves with lotions and cleansers that are full of promises, but many of these products are also full of pore clogging ingredients, cheap fillers and fragrances that can irritate and worsen your skin condition. You can spend a lot of money on procedures that claim to be effective, but when performed by someone with minimal knowledge or training in the equipment, you risk ending up with less than optimal results, and can even harm your skin or make it worse.

We know that there is a lot of misunderstanding in this industry and a lot money wasted. That’s why our number one philosophy is client education. Every client leaves their consultation with a treatment plan that is customized to their unique needs, and is well informed on why their treatment plan will work for them. Our goal is to set our clients up for success not failure. Our desire is that our new clients leave feeling comfortable, knowing their plan will be achievable and align with their life.


Results You Can See and Feel

Essence of L prides itself on results you can see and feel. All our treatments and products are thoroughly tested to ensure the highest value and effectiveness is passed on to our clients. If we wouldn’t spend our money or time on them, we wouldn’t expect you to either. There is no better feeling than seeing our clients leave relaxed, refreshed, and wearing that Essence of L glow. It gets even better when we see them return month after month on their treatment plan with skin that looks even more renewed than before, and glowing confidence. 


Spa Standards

With over 15 years experience in the industry, Leah understands the importance of  not only meeting, but exceeding all required guidelines in health and ethics. Essence of L Medi Spa maintains the highest standards in cleanliness, ethics, and cutting edge products and services. We are fully registered and licensed with the City of White Rock and are highly rated by the Fraser Health Board for cleanliness and ethical business practices. Our spa undergoes regular equipment maintenance to ensure optimal performance, and utilizes eco friendly cleaning agents where permitted. Client education might be our number one philosophy, but we extend this same philosophy to ourselves. Leah regularly completes continuing education throughout the year to stay up to date on the latest news, science, and research in the field.


Our Clients

Our clients are the driving force behind everything we do at Essence of L Medi Spa. We always aim first to educate our clients, but never cease to be amazed at how much we can learn from them. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to skincare which is why we focus on getting to know our individual clients at their core.  We have our clients to thank for many of the innovations and products we bring to our spa. If our clients have a need, we find a way to make it possible. This was exactly the case when we launched our Glow Clinical Skincare. Many of our clients were finding it difficult to find clinical grade products that could treat their needs at an in depth level, without the irritating fillers and fragrances that usually turn them away. Since these products weren’t readily available, we created them ourselves! We are always seeking to be at the forefront of effective research and technology in the industry and take great pride in knowing our clients can expect to receive the best from our award winning Lower Mainland BC spa. 


The Essence Of L Medi Spa Experience

Our clients can expect that their individual skincare needs and goals are being met with every visit to our spa. We know that many of our clients are busy working professionals who don’t have hours a day to set aside for a spa visit. This is why we do our best to ensure a tranquil, soothing environment that can deliver the results you want in the timeframe you require. Many of our treatments require little to no downtime meaning you can be in and out of an appointment in 30 minutes to an hour. 

Our staff is always welcoming and ready to answer any questions you might have. Whether you read about a new treatment in a magazine and want to get our perspective, or are concerned about a change you’re noticing in your skin, we are hear to listen to all your concerns. 

We take great pride in ensuring every visit to Essence of L has our clients leaving refreshed, relaxed, and glowing from the inside out. We hope you enjoyed learning about us and can’t wait to see you at our spa!

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