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Dermal Fillers For Skin Boosting

Skin boosters are uniquely formulated hyaluronic acid dermal fillers that can be used to revitalize the outermost layers of the skin. Unlike our typical use of fillers, skin boosting does not provide volume, sculpting or shape to the face. Instead, micro-droplets of these collagen stimulating fillers are placed very superficially into the skin to improve elasticity, firmness and luminosity, while targeting pesky superficial lines and crepey texture. Skin boosting is an especially valuable tool when it comes to areas we don’t necessarily want extra volume, but are noticing skin changes…think lip lines, smile lines, nasolabial folds, and neck lines.

Procedure time: 30-45 minutes

Recovery time: minimal

Pain level: mild – topical numbing or ice may be used, and fillers have built in anaesthesia to maximize your comfort!

Results: 1-2 weeks

Duration of treatment: months to years depending on the patient, and treatment is reversible if needed

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