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1170 Dolphin st White Rock, BC, Canada V4B 4G8

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100% recommend to everyone! Leah is a kind person who genuinely cares so much about her clients, and she has so much knowledge about skin care. I have dark, oily acne-prone skin with hyper-pigmentation. Before I started going to Leah for treatments, I had breakouts everywhere on my face, with a large portion of them being on my jawline/chin and forehead. I also had DARK hyperpigmentation and it lowered my self-esteem. I wanted a change for my skin because it was not like this a year ago. After speaking to Leah during my consultation, I decided to choose her medi-spa for treatments, and I do not regret this decision at all! After my first hydra-facial, my skin improved; my breakouts dramatically reduced super fast and my skin was becoming brighter than before. I thought I would see results in the next few months, but I noticed these results right away, and my friends and family did as well. I’ve been going to Leah for almost 3-4 months now; my confidence has increased as I am able to walk out into the public with my natural skin because it looks a lot better than it did before I received my treatments. Thank you, Leah! You will be super satisfied with the services here!


What an amazing boutique spa in the heart of White Rock. Leah is a fountain of wonderful information, and loves to see her clients happy! I learned so much in under 20 minutes, and highly recommend her for all skincare related treatments!


Thank you Leah for the great facial today. I look forward to coming back to your beautiful and relaxing spa and I’m so excited to get started with my new skincare regime.