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Ice Ice Baby – For Acne!

One of the biggest hurdles that stand in front of many acne sufferers is a lack of knowledge. While acne is incredibly common, it’s not particularly well understood by most of the people that it affects. This means that literally millions of men, women, and teens dont know they possess the tools they can use to combat acne right in front of them, waiting to be used.

Ice is one of these tools. Our skin is incredibly responsive to changes in temperature. Ice reduces blood flow and reduces swelling, making it an invaluable tool in dealing with nasty acne breakouts.

So how does ice help? The mechanism is quite similar to how icing a bruise, or another injury helps provide instant relief and speeds up the healing process. Acne is caused by blocked and inflamed pores that swell up and often become infected. When these zits press on the skin that surrounds them, they cause pain, redness, and further irritation.

Adding ice to the equation immediately helps things by reducing swelling. Ice reduces your body’s inflammatory response and helps to minimize blood flow around the affected area. This works wonders when it comes to getting rid of a big, red zits, fast! You won’t cause the zit to go away entirely after icing it for a few minutes, but it will be a lot smaller and harder to notice.

While icing won’t necessarily help with a monster zit that’s already been picked or has already run its course, it will help prevent smaller zits from growing larger. Making small adjustments to incorporate this idea into your existing skincare routine can have a pretty big impact on your fight with acne. Start by icing your skin for 2 minutes after you cleanse and tone your skin in your morning and evening routine.

Ice doesn’t just help with acne. The same properties that make ice great at reducing your body’s inflammatory response can help to make your skin look younger and healthier. Many celebrities swear by the power of icing, whether it’s to reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes, or increasing circulation in the skin. Icing your face can quickly reduce any puffiness or redness, helping you look your best in a matter of minutes.

To ice your skin, simply put a few ice cubes in a ziploc bag and massage over the skin, or pop by our online Glow Shop and purchase one of our mess-free re-usable ice packs!

Despite ice’s incredibly helpful properties, it is not a cure-all. It’s definitely a weapon you should add to your arsenal against acne, but it cannot carry the fight all by itself. You should compliment your use of ice with a carefully chosen array of facial products, including non-comedogenic cleansers, lotions, makeup, and the occasional exfoliating product.

Ice is pretty simple. The rest of these things are not. If you are not sure what you should be using on your face, or how to structure a proper skincare routine, consider getting expert advice from Essence of L. Essence of L Medi Spa’s “Clear Skin Acne Coaching Program” is a online system that puts you in contact with top acne experts to help determine your skin type and what you should be doing to win your fight against acne. You will get plenty of personalized advice and a selection of handpicked products delivered to your doorstep, so that you always have the tools you need to keep your face glowing and beautiful.

Written by Leah LaVanway