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How to Correctly Pop a Pimple

Pimple extraction

Popping a pimple can be a risky business…..

Done Right, you can help an unwanted zit heal faster because you are draining a collection of trapped pus.

Done Wrong, you can turn the zit into a scar, or even worse, a infection.


I know that it is embarrassing to go out in public with a blemish on your face that is screaming “Pop Me.” If you are absolutely determined to pop it, at least be cautious and do it in the right manner which is least likely to cause damage.

When medical estheticians extract pimples we use a sterile needle ( I use a Lancet)  and extract the contents using light to moderate finger pressure. We wear gloves and clean the area before and after with alcohol to disinfect the area.

How do you pop a pimple like a pro?

1. Don’t pop a pimple before it is ready. Wait until your pimple has a soft white head, indicating that the white blood cells are grouped together in the pore and are ready to be extracted. DO NOT try to pop a pimple that is still hard and red “angry” because it is still solid, there is nothing to “extract” and you will do more harm then good.

2. Wash your hands well with warm water, soap, and a fingernail brush before you begin to minimize the transfer of bacteria. Or better yet wear gloves!

3.Use a Lancet or Sterilize a straight pin with a match or a lighter. Let the pin cool and then wipe off the black carbon with rubbing alcohol. Either soak the pin in alcohol, or wipe it off with gauze or makeup pads. Wrap the pin with Kleenex tissue as an extra precaution against introducing dirt or bacteria into the head of the pimple.

4. Gently squeeze and press around the base of the pimple’s white tip so the pus comes to the surface. Do not press down onto or over the zit; try to get underneath it so that the pus comes to the surface instead of going further down into the pore or ruptures out the side and moves deeper into the tissues of your skin. And, don’t scratch or gouge the skin because this leads to scarring!

5. Finish by applying more alcohol (which will sting) I recommend Glymed’s Astringent #2, followed with Glymed’s Medication #5 to get in there and start the healing and repair process.