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Why Sugar Is Causing Your Wrinkles

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Why your Sweet Tooth isn’t So Sweet!


Dear Sugar lovers….. Your love affair with processed sugar has got to STOP! Research shows that the more times you indulge into something sweet like that candy jar in the office, latte on the way to work, or celebratory Birthday cake the faster you will age. There is this beautiful process called GLYCATION which we have to thank. The science lesson: When there are high levels of sugar molecules floating around in your body they attack and attach themselves to your protein and fat cells. These tiny chemical reactions are now known as AGE’s- (Advanced Glycation End products).

What is the result of this process? The excess sugar molecules that we consume attach to our collagen and elastin fibres in the skin and cause them to harden, become more fragile and prone to damage. So now we know that not only are sugary foods bad for our waist line- but now they are slowly killing our healthy skin cells and replacing them with hardened saggy wrinkles- YUCK.

There are essentially two forms of glycation- Endogenous and Exogenous. A diet high in fats (red meats,butter) as well as highly processed foods (chips, pastas, cakes, cupcakes, candy etc.) These pesky molecules also trigger an inflammatory response that wreak havoc throughout the body. These oxidative properties can lead to chronic diseases, skin conditions, and tissue abnormalities. Having AGEs present in the skin also kills our GLOW factor-  by reducing our skins colour, elasticity, firmness, and wrinkles. If it wasn’t already bad enough……it gets worse. Not only does the sugar destroy the cellular shape, it also creates free radicals which makes your skin more vulnerable to UV radiation, cigarette smoke, and environmental pollutants.

So while the process of Glycation cannot be stopped, it can be slowed down. From a dietary stand point swearing off highly processed refined white sugar and high fructose corn syrup (which is clinically proven to increase your glycation rate by 10 times) will slow down this process one day at a time. Even though ALL carbs eventually get converted into sugar,when you eat the ‘healthy’ ones like ancient whole grains and brown rice you get less sugar with a slower release into the blood stream.

Skincare can now play a large role in the health of your skin. With lots of newer research, scientists have found that amino acids have been shown to block the buildup of AGEs. Look for products that have Peptides, Antioxidants, and Retinoids.  The Dream Team of antioxidants and retinoids help repair and stimulate the collagen process which can not only repair the skin, but reverse the glycation process.

PS DNA GroupFight the Glycation process with our Prescribed Solutions DNA defence line

(from left)

01 STOP THE CLOCK (Sun Protection)- Sun protection is the most important daily tool in anyone’s cabinet. But why stop there? Now you can repair your skin while firming with peptides and protecting from UV exposure. This is a all-in-one powerhouse product


02 URBANE RENEWAL (Anti-Oxidant) -Perfect for the person who is constantly on-the- go, this light weight serum has a heavy arsenal of active ingredients that repair and protect the skin against free radical damage caused by todays pollutant-heavy urban environments.

03 CREAM- NO SUGAR (Anti-Glycation)- So luxurious you won’t believe your skin is on a sugar-free diet. Sugars you consume can create glycation damage in the skin, causing it to look yellow, sallow and sagging. This ultra hydrating, anti-glycation cream delivers evening renewal.

For more information on how these types of products can benefit your skin and bring back that Healthy Glow, call us today and book in for a Complimentary Consultation. 604.619.4959

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