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Top 5 Tips for Clear Skin

At Essence of L, people often ask us for tips and tricks to keep their skin clear. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer that is guaranteed to work for everyone. However, what we can do is offer some general guidelines for clear skin. These techniques won’t make you blemish-free overnight! Instead, they will help you build a solid foundation of healthy habits that will make your skin clearer over time.

5. Check Your Diet

Foods that are high in iodides can be a major contributing factor to breakouts. Seaweed, fast food, and dairy products can all turn your skin into a pimply mess. If you’re a fan of ice cream and French fries – there are safe ways to enjoy them but until you have done your research and found out how to keep yourself safe, it’s best to reduce these foods to treats.

4. Wash The Right Amount

Using a harsh abrasive cleansing pad or washing your face too often can actually increase your chances of breaking out. Your skin needs to maintain a healthy balance of oils in order to ward off bacteria. If you scrub off oil and damage your outer layer of skin, your body will work overtime to repair the damage that you have done. This often leads to excess irritation and oil production, which in turn leads to more breakouts.

Note that there is a difference between washing your face too hard every day and using an exfoliating cleanser, or doing a treatment peel. It’s a good idea to reset your skin once a month. Doing it every day will do more harm than good!

3. Get Enough Rest

Sleep is very important for your whole body. Not only does it help keep you alert, but also getting enough sleep gives your body a chance to rest, recharge and heal. Research suggests that getting too little sleep will increase your stress levels causing you to age prematurely! Getting enough sleep will keep you healthy, which means your body will have plenty of resources to keep your face clear and beautiful.

2. Reduce Your Stress Levels

Sleeping soundly will do a lot for your stress, but it’s not the only technique you can use. Scientists have proven that stress can affect a wide variety of skin conditions. Keeping yourself calm and relaxed will make you feel better and reduce the chance of breakouts by a significant amount. Try meditating or making sure you allocate time each day to relax, exercise, or even adopting a pet. By building healthy habits, you will have more fun as you go through life, and you will get to do it with a clear face.

1. See A Skin Care Professional

There is no substitute for personalized, professional advice. A professional can help diagnose any skin condition you have and recommend products and treatments that fit into your budget and lifestyle. Many of our clients do not actually have acne — instead, they suffer from one of several skin conditions that look similar but need to be treated totally differently! Once we were able to identify the cause of their breakouts, we are able to help each and every one of these clients develop a plan to keep their skin clear and healthy. If they had not sought professional help, they might still be trying to use acne products today.

Gradual, Healthy Change

By reducing your stress levels, monitoring your diet, getting enough sleep, washing your face correctly and checking in with a skin care professional every once in a while, you will reduce your breakouts and help you keep clear skin. Consider checking out Essence of L’s Acne Coaching program to get a consultation that will put you on the right path. You will love how happy and healthy your skin looks after a few weeks of following these clear skin tips!

Written by Leah LaVanway