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How stress effects your skin- out of whack hormones!

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How your stress is effecting the inflammation and hormones in your body


Hormones are chemicals that are secreted from glands which act as tiny messengers to relay information to other parts of your body. Hormones regulate and control many parts of the body including hunger/cravings, reproductive cycle, metabolism, and growth changes. They may be secreted into ducts, but they are generally directly released into the blood stream.

Stress will stimulate your hormone levels which in fact can lead to acne breakouts. Elevated hormone levels prior to menstruation or increased amounts of androgen (male sex hormone) will trigger acneic lesions in both men and women. Lucky for us women, we seem to suffer the worst when it comes to pro-inflammatory responses triggered by your adrenals, insulin, and cortisol- Great!

The stimulation of oil glands, which is triggered by your stress hormones can result in clogged pores, active lesions, and PLH (post lesion hyperpigmentation.) Studies have shown that there is a direct connection between sugar levels and inflammation in the skin, which leads to breakouts and premature ageing.

There are a few ways in which you can manage hormonal imbalances:

1- B Vitamins – B6 and B5 can help reduce inflammation and stress responses as well as maintain healthy blood glucose levels.

2- Remove over processed foods from your diet and replenish them with whole foods, fresh vegetables and colourful fruits.

3- Regular physical activity, breathing exercises and great sleep and a few of the easy solutions you can start implementing today!

4- After speaking with a naturopathic doctor, general practitioner, or certified nutritionist there are healthy supplements that you can take on a daily bases that will support your hormonal functions, adrenals, and inflammatory response in the body.

5- Cutting back on your daily intake of caffeine, alcohol, sugars, and stimulants will play a huge role in your success! These little leeches will only such your energy levels, spike your adrenals, and stress your inflammatory response system- Poor sleeping patterns, Unbalanced skin, Moody Temper, and weight gain.