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Popping pimples: The long term consequences

While you may be tempted to get rid of an unsightly pimple by popping it, popping pimples can leave your skin with permanent pock shaped scars, as well as hyperpigmentation. 

What is hyperpigmentation? Hyperpigmentation refers to the discoloration of the skin, usually in the form of red spots, or spots which are several shades darker than your natural skin tone. Unfortunately, if left alone hyperpigmentation can take several months to fade away. 

Worse yet, in severe cases the only way to effectively treat hyperpigmentation is to book a chemical peel or laser. So if you don’t want to use concealer to cover up hyperpigmentation, never give in to the temptation to pop a pimple.

Another reason why you should avoid popping pimples is that you are essentially tearing open your skin, which may leave you vulnerable to developing a nasty skin infection. If bacteria enters broken skin it can be absorbed into your blood stream. 

The shocking long-term consequences of popping pimples: 

While popping a pimple can negatively affect your complexion, did you know that popping a pimple also increases your chances of a break out? If you try to pop a pimple, you may accidentally damage your skin’s follicle wall. Unfortunately, if you damage a section of your skin’s follicle wall, there is a high chance that the area will become inflamed and that you will suffer further breakouts. 

The best way to treat swelling and redness:

Essence of L Medi Spa and Skin Clinic’s specialists highly recommend icing your affected area with an ice cube for 2-4 minutes, twice a day. This will gradually reduce the size of your pimple and will significantly decrease your pimple’s swelling and redness.
So next time you spot a pimple in the mirror, resist the urge to pop it and grab an ice cube. Your skin will thank you for it!

Written by Leah LaVanway