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How Your Laundry Could Be Ruining Your Skin

Everything you put into your washer, or dryer ends up on your skin. Any detergents, fabric softeners, or dryer sheets will wind up in your clothes and get into contact with your body eventually. Many of the chemicals used in these products can cause skin irritation, breakouts and even damage to your nervous system. You need to exercise the same sort of caution with laundry products that you use with soaps, makeup and lotions.

Look for “Free and Clear”

The easiest place to begin is by switching to a detergent labeled with some variant of “free and clear.” These products (including Cheer Free, All Free & Clear, and Tide Free) are void of dyes and perfumes that could irritate your skin. They are specially designed to “play nice” with demanding skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis — meaning they are extra safe for people with more normal skin.

Avoid Fabric Softeners and Dryer Sheets

Historically, people turned to chemical products to help keep their clothes from clumping in the dryer. Static electricity caused by the mechanical action of drying can result in clothes that cling together and come out bunched up and wrinkled. 

Just like the dyes and fragrances in your detergent, these chemicals stay in your clothes after you’re done with your laundry. You do not want these chemicals on your skin. These products are especially harmful for acne-prone skin, as they can leave a waxy residue on your skin which can lead to an increase in acne lesions and inflammation. Perhaps the simplest solution is to avoid these products entirely — modern dryers have a number of design features built in to combat static cling. If these steps are not enough, consider purchasing some anti-static cling balls (they will run you about $5 from Bed Bath and Beyond) or running your dryer at a lower temperature.

Avoid Toxins By Choosing Your Products Carefully!

Chemicals like benzyl acetate and dichlorobenzene come with warnings about how hazardous they are when exposed to your skin — unless they are found in fabric softeners and detergents. Switching to a Free and Clear detergent and using static cling balls instead of fabric softener can keep you safe from these chemicals for just a few dollars. You will dodge a whole host of skin irritants and keep your whole body healthy and young!

Essence of L Medi skin clinic is proud to be a certified acne clinic! Contact us for a complimentary consultation! #acnefree

Written by Leah LaVanway