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Eye Envy Lash Serum: Our Best Kept Secret

If you have ever wished that your eyelashes were longer and fuller, you are now in luck as Essence of L Medi Spa & Laser Clinic has just started stocking Eye Envy Lash Serum. This is a high-quality eyelash serum, which produces visible results in just 4-6 weeks.

So if you want to show off naturally long, thicker eyelashes without having to resort to wearing false eyelashes, simply continue reading to discover how to use Eye Envy Lash Serum in order to achieve gorgeous full eyelashes. After all, who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on experimenting with expensive mascaras, which fail to live up to their claims, when you can grow healthy and long eyelashes with little effort?

How to use Eye Envy Lash Serum:

Simply apply the serum on a daily basis in the morning with a simple easy to use application brush for three months, in order to obtain the stunning long eyelashes that you have been dreaming of. After three months of use, you will only need to use your eyelash serum every second day, in order to maintain the phenomenal results, which you have achieved.

As an added bonus, if your eyebrows are sparse, you can apply Eye Envy Lash Serum to your eyebrows in order to improve the density of your eyebrows.

How to use Eye Envy Mascara:

For even longer head-turning eyelashes, which will wow your friends – it is well worth trying Eye Envy Mascara. Just make sure to wait 1-2 minutes after applying your eyelash serum, so that it can dry properly before applying Eye Envy Mascara.

If you are looking for a product, which will dramatically transform your daily look, it is well worth trying Eye Envy’s dramatic volumizing mascara.

What are you waiting for? If you are looking for a miracle product, which will enhance your eyelashes, it is well worth trying Eye Envy Lash Serum for yourself!

Written by Leah LaVanway