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Celebrate Mother’s Day by Bringing Your Mom to Essence of L!

It’s always tough to pick out the right gift for Mom on Mother’s Day, especially as an adult. No matter how many times she reminds us that “it’s the thought that counts,” it’s still difficult to come up with the right gesture that can accurately convey just how thankful we are for everything that our Moms have done. If I’ve learned anything from my mom, its that she prefers time over all gifts! As we continue to get older and our lives get busier, we have less hours in a day to fit important family time in. This Mother’s Day, show your mom some love by sharing important glow time with her!

The trick is to take her somewhere and let her pick something out for herself. This hits all the right buttons — it’s an excuse to spend time together, which is incredibly important, it saves you from having to make a decision for yourself and it allows you to share in each other’s passions. If you don’t have the exact same interests as your mom, you can spend the day together picking something out for her, and get to celebrate the things that we care about. This year, Essence of L would like to partner up with you to help you get your Mom something special. We’re offering a free gift from our friends at the Mason Jar Home Decor to anyone who comes in with their Mom and schedules a Medi Facial service together, 15% off both your services as well a sweet treat from our friends at Pikanik. You can let her pick something from our selection of incredible creams, lotions, sprays, and other skin care products, or help her to schedule a no-pressure appointment for any of our beautifying clinical services. The biggest benefit of bringing your Mom in is that she gets to choose! It’s sometimes hard to think of your parents as your peers, even if they are not that different in age from some of the people you work with. The way that your Mother thinks of her skin might surprise you.


A mother-child visit to Essence of L won’t just make your mom happy and give you a neat free gift (although those are two very good reasons to head in). It’s also a great opportunity to talk about skincare with a close family member. Lots of skin issues tend to run in families, from acne to rosacea to dry skin. Your Mother’s Day visit will give you a great avenue to explore your Mom’s skincare routine, trade tips, and get family-specific advice from our helpful team. You might walk in thinking that you will get to teach your Mom lots of cool tricks to help her skin out, but chances are she will have a trick or two of her own to share.

While you should leave plenty of time to let your Mom choose the perfect gift for herself at Essence of L, don’t forget to plan a few other festivities for the day. Have lunch or dinner at a restaurant overlooking the sea (local favorites include Uli’s, the Carvery, and Five) or simply spend some time outdoors enjoying each other’s company.
If you can’t come in-person with your mom, you can still get lots of things from Essence of L’s online Glow shop. Featuring a curated selection of some of the highest quality skincare products around, you can order from anywhere and have your gift shipped straight to your Mom’s door. Unlike other gifts, your Mom will almost certainly use our products on a regular basis, giving her lots of opportunities to think about you while she looks her very best. You will miss out on the beautiful White Rock scenery, our knowledgeable staff and the opportunity to spend time in-person with your Mother, but she’ll still love the fact that you cared (and that you gave her something special).

Normally, when someone tells you “don’t wait! Call now!” you don’t actually need to call immediately. This is a special case. Call your mom now! We think that a special day in White Rock with a visit to Essence of L is a great Mother’s Day activity, but even if you would rather do something else, get in touch with your mom early. She’ll love that you’re thinking about her and you’ll get a chance to beat any pesky siblings to the punch and schedule your outing first.

Don’t forget about the free gifts, too! Even if you’re just buying something for yourself, bring your Mom so that you can give her a present from Mason Jar Home Decor, free of charge. Think of it as our little thank you to your Mom for giving us such a wonderful person to help.

Written by Leah LaVanway