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The Universal Contour Body Wrap

The ONLY Body Wrap to Guarantee inch-loss…..for 30 days!

Pricing: $199 for a single wrap or $509 for 3 pre-paid wraps


If you were to stop and ask a women on the street what she dislikes most about her body, she would probably say her thighs or muffin top. Unfortunately, our diet and exercise can only do so much to eliminate those unruly toxins that are bombarding our bodies each and every day. Our food sources, medications, and air quality are not what they used to be. So even if you are living a picture perfect life style, there are still some things that are just out of our control. Until now, that is.

The Universal Contour Wrap system offers a completely safe, effective, and fast way to tighten, tone, and lose those pesky inches without spending weeks in the gym, or counting every calorie. The Universal Contour Wrap, is the original, natural sea clay body wrap and is a great way to achieve firmer, smoother skin. This detoxifying, figure-shaping solution achieves instant inch loss after just a 2.5 hour treatment.

Clients are “wrapped” firmly in tensor bandages which have been pre-soaked in a warm, sea clay and mineral solution. The wraps acts like a giant poultice, which draws out toxins and stimulates the body’s natural disposal system. The fatty tissues are compressed, resulting in re-shaping lose and flabby areas, like the stomach, hips, and thighs. It helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, by reducing the build up of toxins that sit in the interstitial fluid (fluid between the fat cells).It takes less then 45 minutes to be measured and wrapped by the specially trained therapist, and once you are wrapped, you can simply relax and let the bandages work their magic while your body absorbs the minerals and the clay draws out the toxins to leave you feeling and looking your best. To maximize your personal results you are encouraged to drink plenty of water to continue the inch loss, detox, and cleansing process.

The treatment guarantees a minimum loss of six inches off a body’s contours on their first wrap and the effect is guaranteed to last for 30 days-provided that there is no weight gain- or they will be wrapped again for free! A course of three wraps- done 7-10 days apart- generally trims off around 25 inches, thats equivalent to one dress size.

Anyone can benefit from the Universal Contour Wrap, regardless of your size, weight, or shape; whether you are looking to kick-start a new life style change, or tackle those stubborn inches that just don’t seem to change at the gym. Because the results are instant, you can rely on this body wrap when there’s no time before that last minute holiday, or special event.


Come in for a complimentary consultation and see how the Universal Contour Wrap can improve the integrity of your skin.  Call us at 604.619.4959!

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I found Essence Of L Medi Spa on beauty + wellness TV. I made my first appointment with Leah in January 2015 and haven’t gone anywhere else since! Leah explained everything well and gave me reading material to help me make an informed decision. since then I’ve had 2 Dermapen treatments, 1 Forever Young treatment, 2 skin tightening, 2 photo facials, 1 universal contour body wrap, and 4 laser hair removal treatments… all constantly amazing with stunning results… at the end of this summer I actually had fewer brown spots than I ever had before. I would happily recommend Essence Of L Medi Spa. Go See Leah!
~ Vanessa T., Surrey, BC