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SKIN SPIN Dermal Roller: The Most Effective and Diverse Home Use Skin Care Tool in Existence

The SKIN SPIN Dermal Roller System is the most effective and most diverse anti-aging skin care tool on the market. It doesn’t just improve the appearance of the skin but it also improves the health and function of the skin creating long term results. It is completely safe and very easy and quick to use. It only requires 8 minutes of rolling a week to transform the look and health of your skin. Aside from being a great skin rejuvenation, and exfoliation method for the face it is also a great skincare tool for the body. Roll with the SKN SPIN prior to applying cellulite and stretch mark creams to enhance there penetration and increase their effectiveness.

How the SKIN SPIN Works:


Powerful Exfoliation

The SKIN SPIN acts as a mechanical exfoliation tool effectively removing the top layer of skin revealing fresh, vibrant new skin. This is why the client may experience dryness for a few days after rolling because the dead layer called the stratum corneum is peeling off (not visible to the eye). Once that layer has peeled off over a period of 2 days the skin feels so smooth and looks brighter. Most people report a glow the next day after rolling. The feel and look of the skin texture improves greatly from rolling weekly.

Enhanced Penetration

The SKIN SPIN creates hundreds of micro-channels in the skin allowing your skin care products to penetrate the protective skin barrier. The epidermis is a natural barrier and limits how much of your product can actually penetrate into your skin. This is especially important when using serums because they must reach the dermal layer where all the collagen, elastin and blood flow is so that they can perform their job and create positive change in the skin. The SKIN SPIN solves this problem by creating pathways through the skin barrier allowing the products to penetrate up to a 100% more effectively. SKIN SPIN increases skin permeability without harming the underlying capillary system.

Rapid Rejuvenation

The concept of skin needling has to do with the ability of our skin to heal and repair itself. When rolling with the SKIN SPIN it results in hundreds of tiny dermal injuries that trigger the body’s healing response. Once the healing response is triggered the transformation begins.

• Slows down thinning of the epidermis maintaining healthy youthful skin. (release of Epidermal Growth Factor)
• Angiogenesis (build vascular network so the skin is nourished and fed)
• Releases B3 which is an important growth factor that induces regenerative healing promoting natural collagen as opposed to scar collagen (B1 and B2) which occurs with heat based ablative laser treatments.
• Focuses on the health and function of the key cells: keratinocyte, melanocyte and fibroblast. It is a 100% skin health promoting tool. Keeps your skin looking healthy, and youthful with no risk of side effects.

Reduces the Appearance of Large Pores

The reason that pores appear larger in size is because the structures surrounding the pore lose strength which is essentially loss of elasticity. The solution is to strengthen the surrounding structures, hence tighten the skin and this will reduce the appearance of pores. The SKIN SPIN tightens the skin reducing the appearance of pores.

Effective Eye Treatment

The SKIN SPIN is the one skin care tool on the market that can be used directly under the eye right up to the lower eyelid allowing us to address the fine lines and wrinkles that form below the eyes.


Why the Skin Spin?

  1. The length of the needles – The SKIN SPIN is a 0.5mm roller and is the only roller length you will ever need.
  2. The needle diameter – The SKIN SPIN needle diameter is 0.20mm. This is the perfect diameter to ensure maximum penetration without tearing the skin.
  3. The SKIN SPIN has 192 needles. The reason for this is because anything over 200 is too many and prevents maximum penetration and anything below this number is too little and is to aggressive for the skin. 192 is the perfect number of needles to ensure maximum and safe penetration.
  4. Made by machine – Many of the rollers on the market are hand glued – resulting in many flaws and safety issues (the main issue being uneven needle length). Our roller is made using an engineer set modular system ensuring each roller is made to perfection.

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