Forever Bare BBL is Setting Gold Standards for Laser Hair Removal


What makes Forever Bare BBL Different from the rest?


Pain Free Hair Removal

Sciton BBL uses a gliding motion technology  to apply multiple low fluency pulses at high repetition rates. This advanced technology incorporates a thermoelectrically cooled Sapphire crystal tip which delivery continuous cooling before, during, and after the treatment. By evenly heating all the hair follicles, Forever Bare BBL minimizes the risk of burning clients or missing areas, which are so common with traditional hair removal modalities.


By applying energy in multiple high repetition bursts instead of all at one, which most common IPL/Laser machines do, the Forever Bare system keeps the skin cool and protected while progressively raising the follicle temperature to a therapeutic level for optimal effortless hair removal.


With a 15 x 45 mm spot size and the highest power output and pulse repetition of any light based device on the market these treatment times are cut in half, if not more in comparison to using conventional hair removal systems.


Multiple adaptors and custom created magnetic spot sizes allow us to quickly and comfortably treat large body regions to very small facial areas with the snap of a smoothie adaptor which is designed to smooth out the edges of the hand piece while using the gliding motion technique.

Tanned Skin

By gradually increasing the skins temperature to a therapeutic level and keeping the skin protected with the built in Sapphire cooling tip, Forever Bare BBL can effectively treat skin types I- V as well as tanned skin.





French Bikini










Side Burns




Upper Arm










Upper Legs


Full Arms




Lower Legs


Lower Back


Full Face


Full Legs


Upper Back


Neck Front




Full back


Neck Back


Feet or Hands






Combination Treatments – 15% savings

Full Leg & Bikini


Full Leg & Brazilian


Brazilian & Underarms


Half Leg & Underarms


Half Leg & Brazilian


Full Back & Shoulders


Upper Back & Shoulders


Chest & Abdomen


Hands & Feet




Forever Bare BBL™ – Promotional Video from Sciton on Vimeo.

I started going to Leah in July of 2015 for laser hair removal on my legs. I have very coarse, black hair on my legs, some hair follicles have three or four hairs growing out of them!! Every time I shaved my legs, I would end up with razor burn, and a lot of the time, each follicle would bleed. I was a nightmare. I was very sceptical of this Laser when I heard of it, I thought it was too good to be true, but I went for my first treatment and I left happy. After a couple weeks I noticed a HUGE change in my hair growth and only after ONE visit! I am now post third treatment, I haven’t shaved my legs in over two weeks, and I have little to no hair left. The hair that *is* there is soft and very fine – a HUGE difference from where I started with thick, sharp, black hairs. I have sent many of my friends to see Leah, (some of which are aestheticians who work at otherl spas) and they are SO happy with their results as well. If you want to be summer ready, and throw away your razors, give Leah a call… you will be so happy that you did, I know that I am. Thank you, Leah!!
~ Holly W., Surrey, BC
I started seeing Leah at Essence Medi-Spa for laser hair removal, and I can’t get over how it is virtually pain-free! I almost fell asleep in my first session! I have had laser hair removal previously at other locations, and I am amazed at how different Essence is. She is extremely knowledgeable, and gives you detailed information in the consultation. Great experience!
~ Christine Hall, November, 2015