Change your life with COLD LASER Therapy


Cold Laser with Anti- Aging………. The cool laser technology is a breakthrough in skin treatments, offering a safe, non invasive solution for your individual condition and skin type. Just as plants use sunlight to grow, cold laser stimulates the formation and release of your body’s own healing chemical compounds. In this form of therapy, the laser energy has a stimulation effect on tissues by increasing cellular energy. Cold laser stimulates the production of collagen, as well as stimulating lymphatic drainage which helps to eliminate toxins and excess fluid from the tissue. Multiple studies have shown that the lymph vessels and lymph flow can double in size with the use of cold laser. By increasing the activity in the skin, new collagen is produced, aiding in the repair and healing process of the skin.

Research has focused on the use of low level lasers in a process called ‘photo-bio stimulation’, their ability to stimulate the cellular functions in a non thermal, non destructive manner. Photon energy is absorbed by the DNA, which activates it. The DNA then transmits this new energy to the skin cell. When the cell is exposed to the light there is an increase in blood flow, which help carry vitamins and nutrients to the areas where they are needed most, and remove toxins and waste bi-products.

Cold Laser treatments can be used to treat various skin conditions. It is most effective in treating facial redness (erythema) especially in cases with rosacea or any site of inflammation

  • Acne
  • Sun Damage
  • Broken Capillaries
  • Blotchiness
  • Inflamed Skin
  • Sensitive/Reactive Skin
  • Fine Lines

After your treatment, you will see a gradual change in redness. Your skin will feel softer with a slight plumpness to the tissue. Fine lines and wrinkles will improve over time with continued treatments. Age spots and sun damage will ease with the combination of skin lightening products. As the light is absorbed by the melanin (dark spot) the inflammation is reduced, thus allowing the melanocyte to regulate its melanin production. In the case of acne, Blue light therapy can be extremely successful in treating heat or light sensitive bacteria.

Is the cold laser safe? the answer is YES!

  • The entire treatment is performed in a sanitized environment
  • The Machine uses a “grounding device” which only allows the unit to operate when its in contact with the skin, avoiding accidental exposure to the eyes
  • There is no heat or trauma caused to the skin, therefore it can be used for extended periods of time and multiple times a day
  • Because there is no redness or swelling, you can have this treatment during your lunch hour
  • Due to the cool light, it can be used all around the eye area including inside the orbital bone!

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